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For the next day 14th of June, at eleven o´clock, the Raffle of Semifinals will be on the salon of ceremonias at the school. It will be a two match round, which will be play the days 20 and 22 of June. The bests teams of the league are in this phase.

There will be two boxes with two clasificated teams in each one. This teams are:

Box 1:

  • – Minabo de Kiev.

  • – Pelegrinos.

Box 2:

  • – Maccabi Levantá.

  • – Real Suciedad.

We will be waiting for you at eleven o´clock for the raffle where will be all of the teams, waiting to know what the draw will say. Good luck!

By: Alejandro Pérez Sánchez.


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-MINAVO DE KIEV: Rafa Posada, Pablo Jesús Portela, José Manuel Olmo, David Rodríguez, Víctor Benítez with changes; Alfredo Revuelta.

-CHIRIGOTA WARRIOS: Samuel Preston, Juan Vicente, Alex Bergues, Antonio Guerrero y Nico Barclay.


First part of the game:

MINAVO DE KIEV: 3rd minute- José Manuel Olmo.
5rd minute- Rafa Posada.
5rd minute- José Manuel Olmo.
8th minute- José Manuel Olmo.
13th minute- José Manuel Olmo.
14th minute- David Rodríguez.
15th minute- Pablo Jesús Portela.
17th minute- David Rodríguez.
17th minute- José Manuel Olmo.
19th minute- Rafa Posada.

CHIRIGOTA WARRIORS: 4th minute- Nico Barclay.
15th minute- Juan Vicente.

Second part of the game:

2nd minute- Víctor Benítez.
4th minute- David Rodríguez.
9th minute- Víctor Benítez.
10th minute- Alfredo Revuelta.
11th minute- Rafa Posada.
12th minute- Owng goal; Chirigota Wariors.

Final result: Minavo de Kiev won 16-2 on aggregate.


It wass a relatively calm game, without any type of confrontation between the members of the teams. Since the beginning, Minavo de Kiev got ahead scoring their first goal in the 3rd minute. José Manuel Olmo, the top scorer, manage to achieve a total of 5 goals. During the second part of the game Minavo de Kiev made two changes in the lineup; once of them in the 10th minute, in which Alfredo Revuelta left the field and was replaced by José Manuel Olmo and the second in the 14th minute, in which Rafa Posada left and was replaced by Alfredo. It was a relax game, with a good atmosphere and I can only de highlight the fact that both teams played incredible good, but Minavo de Kiev was superior till the beginning of the game.

Por Irene Hermo López.

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This match was really important for Bordelines team. They had to win the match to pass to the next phase.

Daniel , a player from Equipo A team , was punished in the third minute because he insulted another player from the opposite team.After this he showed a good behavoir During the rest of the match. We had to stop the match a couple minutes later because Ana Morela , from Equipo A team , received a hit on her face which cut her eyebrow .Nevertheless she continued playing showing all her skills and doing her best.

Both teams weré competitive and they had an excellent control of the ball.

Bordelines team scored the firts goals at the begining of the match, that’s why they played without pression and they were self-confident during all the match.

It’s neccesary to point out the player Gonzalo B, from Bordeline team who is the top scorer from the match

By: Clara Novillo Sánchez

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Alejandro Pérez                                                                Alfonso Alferez
Juan Mera                                                                           Andrés Ardila
Yabin Wang Fu                                                                  Raúl Hebrero
Alejandro Flores                                                               Javier Rodriguez
Samuel Guerrero                                                              Carlos Macías

The match between “Maccabi Levantá” and “Hotel Transilvania” took place last 17th of May. In spite of the match taking place in the afternoon there was a huge espectation. Many people came to see the match and the mild weather allowed them to enjoy a nice football match.It was an intensive match and the players fought for the victory until the end. The Bachillerato team started strong and their team´s captain Alejandro Pérez scored 9 goals. Alfonso Alferez, Hotel Transilvani captain laid out the team positions and strategies. This team scored 3 goals. The other three goals from Maccabi were scored by Samuel Guerrrero. All of them played an important part in their team victory. The match was going smothly until an accident between Alex Flores and Andrés happened. The referee said that the infractoction wasn´t so strong as to deserve a yellow card.

Finally, some minutes before the end of the match Andrés stopped playing because he had muscular pain. The final result was 12-3, and everybody involved enjoyed a nice afternoon.
By Carmen Piñuela.

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Table tennis: a League with many emotions

This league table tennis about to end, just by playing the final to decide who will be the winner of this course 2016.
But, despite the merit of winning the League, that is not really important:
the important part of the League are emotions and friendships that are won.
Not only players competed, they spent a fun time doing sport, playing and having a good time with others.
Even if only one person is the winner, the real winners are the players who have struggled in every game.

By Mercedes Rodíguez

Reina madre vs inbatidos de vainilla

Date: 17/05/16
Inatidos de vainilla( Mario, Juanito,Pablo,Ale, Andrés and Juan Antoniocontra Reina madre) Vs Renina madre ( María Amigo, María Torres, Ale Perez, Abraham and Ale Flores)
Referees: Eva Chover and Teresa Benítez

Inbatidos were winning,however Reina madre ended winning the first set

The second set was really even by both teams but it couldnt be finished
The reina madre’s victory eliminated inbatidos de vainilla of the league

In conclusion: the match was really even and there were good kickoffs.
Some points were invalited because of the interruptions.

Calendario de árbitros.


Martes 15: Abraham Ordóñez y María Amigo.

Martes 29: Hilda ruiz y Marta Canto.


Martes 5: Eva Chover y Teresa Benítez.

Martes 12: Marta Benítez y Sandra Hermo.

Martes 16: Paloma Rodríguez, Ariadna Gómez y Marta Freire.

Martes 26: Daniela Tondi, María Torres y Marisa Contero.